Why I’m Passionate About Yoga

Also Yoga, like many of our other hobbies, enters our life exactly when it is supposed to and when it is most needed.

Here we are sharing an example and experience of a well know yoga enthusiast to understand why she is so passionate about yoga

Personal Experience with Yoga

She says

I was working long hours, exercising, studying, and stressed out in the early 2000s, and I wanted to ease down. A GP recommended yoga, and I discovered my karma in an old Queenslander in Paddington. My mind was switched off for an hour and a half, my body was stretched, and my muscles and bones were strengthened. I returned home comfortable and tranquil, and slept like a baby. I was completely smitten.

Yoga became a passion for me. It was amazing to me that such a simple item could have such significant impacts each week for someone like me who has such a crazy, over-active, over-thinking brain. The sessions made me calmer, more focused, and helped me sleep better week after week. Yo ga forced me to focus on the posture and breathing instructions rather than on how I was going to solve world peace. It made me take things more slowly. It was fantastic.

Understanding Yoga

Yoga may have got me right on because, not long after I began practising, I discovered that I am an overthinker and stress head who, when the circumstances are appropriate, can tip over into worry. I completely collapsed. I quit my job, changed jobs, and became a nervous wreck who was worried about everything. It was difficult for me to concentrate on anything because I was continuously anxious about everything! My viewpoint was completely incorrect. It felt as if the sky was falling and I’d never catch it.

So, no matter how busy I was at work or what else was going on in my life, I made a conscious effort to get to class. Being present wasn’t always simple. My mind and body didn’t always want to be on the mat with me. Other times, strange things happened, such as my uncontrollable smile or my anger or frustration. Tears flowed out of my eyes on a few of occasions, much to my surprise. I know it sounds ridiculous, but Yoga has been shown to increase our body’s energy and help us deal with our emotions. Yo ga allows you to acknowledge and release those emotions, allowing you to return to the present moment.

Experience the Most With Yoga

And staying in the moment was not something I excelled at. Why live in the moment when you might be preoccupied with what happened last month or where you might be next year? So I utilised yoga and exercise to work through what felt like my entire world was collapsing around me, just to realise that it wasn’t and that it will pass. Concentrating on these interests allowed my brain to relax. A reprieve from the naysayer who had taken up residence in my mind. I practised yo ga, exercised, researched, and contacted family and friends until my voice was louder than Negative Nellie’s.

By this point, my loud (read: blunt) voice was urging me, “You love yo ga, it’s one of your interests, why don’t you share the benefits with others?” Why not try teaching? That’s exactly what I did. Through Byron Yo ga, I became a certified instructor. Up until I was around six months pregnant with Ruben, I taught in Tieri, a town of 2000 people. Then, due to sleep deprivation, life, and new obstacles, I had to stop teaching, but I continued to practise at home.

Yoga Effects

Now I continue to practise at home with my yoga books, dvds, notes, magazines, and online classes. Yoga is something I do every week, if not every day. Like exercise, I’ve discovered that it doesn’t always have to be in large quantities; sometimes it’s only two or three sun salutes. Once a week, I attend a yoga class. Home practise and a once-a-week class have made a significant improvement in my body form and tone. When I’m on vacation away from CQ and in the big city, I try to attend as many classes as possible. Getting to class offers me a boost of energy, as well as the drive and inspiration to keep going when I’m alone at home.

In Scarborough, Sandgate, Everton Park, Noosa, Surry Hills, Otford, Toronto, Bali, Byron Bay, Mudgee, Moranbah, Paddington, West End, and Toronto, I’ve attended hot and hatha lessons.

BillboardKingscliffe Yoga Emporium Paige’s Yoga Emporium in Scarborough, QLD, offers such classes. A zen-like studio with polished wood flooring, relaxing music, a fantastic teacher, all the necessary props, and individuals who like yoga.

Yoga As A Business

I’d like to have my own home yoga business, similar to Paige’s, where I could teach pregnant, parents and kids, and everyday yoga, as well as possibly conduct a yoga retreat. But, starting small, I’ve returned to teaching this year.

I love yo ga because it settles me down when I’m nervous, stressed, or terrified, and it also serves as a grounding, balancing force when I’m not. I’m sleeping better, thinking better, and concentrating better. It would be fantastic if people read this and yo ga appeared in their lives just when it was supposed to and when they most needed it!

Passion About Yoga

There are five reasons to be enthusiastic about yoga.

Yo ga forces you to calm down and focus on postures and breathing rather than being an anxious stress head.

Yo ga can help you relax, calm your breathing, and focus on the present moment.

Yoga aids in healthier sleep and the release of bad emotions.

Also Yoga increases muscular tone, strength, flexibility, and joint health.

Yoga increases blood flow, lowers blood sugar, and lowers harmful cholesterol levels.

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